TipFinder v1.3 Released

Its been some time since I’ve last posted an update, World Cup has been keeping me up most nights instead :)

However tonight I’m happy to say that TipFinder v1.3 is now available.

Click the jump to read all the juicy details.

I’ve taken into consideration feedback provided by some users and have adapted them into this minor release, so here are the changes made to TipFinder since 1.2:

1) Improved image storage

  • Quality on images has been reduced to conserve storage space (after some testing, dropping the quality didn’t affect the image that much, but lead to a massive reduction in file size)
  • Previously only the internal cache was subject to frequent purging, similar rules have now been applied to the external cache (SDCard)
  • Cache folder was inaccurately titled as “Cache” rather then “.cache” during the 1.2 update – whoops – has been fixed now

2) Further improved image handling

  • An issue was raised whereby the tip loading screen was stalling/hanging. This was due partly to the application trying to download all the images at once, and then load the list (also partly due to my ignorance in forgetting to test the application at speeds other then 3G)
  • This problem has now been solved by using background processes – the list will now load with a default display picture, then as the image is downloaded in the background, it will render on screen.  Much faster and cooler :)

3) Service logo

  • Although alternative tip/micro-review services have yet to be adapted into TipFinder, I have prepared the layout to show a service logo on the top left of the display picture
service logo

I need a nap pod :(

4) More options for tips

  • When a tip is selected, you will now be presented with a dialog box asking for an action such as “Map” or “Share”
    more options
  • Although “Share” does not work yet, the foundations are there for the next release which will introduce some Twitter integration.

5) Manually clear entire cache

  • One of the issues raised by a user was that the application was draining too much storage! In an attempt to rectify this, I added in some additional purging rules for the external cache (see first point).
  • However, I have also added the ability for the user to manually clear the entire cache at will, simply hit menu and select “Clear Cache” – you will also be notified how much space you are currently using!


6) No tip text

  • Fixed a minor issue were the text “No tips nearby!” was visible through the loading dialog whilst the list is loading.

7) Ad supported

  • Now ad supported via AdMob, but don’t worry – it’s not placed in an annoying spot or anything. Just at the top of the map view screen.
  • Helping to support development efforts and to keep this project free for everyone.

I’m sure now that you’ve read through those updates, you can sorta see whats going to be in the next release ;)

Also, the other week I updated my website, so be sure to checkout www.jamesgiang.com – its also sporting the TipFinder showcase page as well. Hit up the page for the QR code or link to download TipFinder. (or search “TipFinder” in android market)

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their feedback and support for TipFinder, you guys (and girls) are the ones using my app, and I am thankful of it! The more feedback the better, because your feedback ultimately shape how this application will grow.

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