New website launched!

Thanks for your support on my blog, I know I’ve been dry on content lately – but that was largely due to my impending migration.

I decided to merge both my blog and my personal website at together.

Please check out my website at for further blog content.
I will no longer be using but I will leave the content here for archiving purposes.

The Big Issue. The Big Word.

Last night the Social Change Collaboratory Melbourne (#sccollab) meetup group came together at HubMelbourne to run a Rapid Prototyping by Deloitte Digital’s CEO Pete Williams (@rexster).

I also attended the Rapid Prototyping workshop last year at the Deloitte office – and I had to go again when I saw the event on #sccollab. Why? because it is seriously so much fun.

The aim of the workshop is to practically demonstrate rapid prototyping techniques while creating a board game. The workshop session generally has a theme – in this case (given we were at #sccollab) was on social enterprises/social entrepreneurs/social change etc.

Our fabulous team created the game “The Big Issue. The Big Word

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Ignite Mobile on Android released


What a great week it’s been, with the recent launch of (i really should blog about this… soon, haha!) and now I’m bringing some Ignite love to the Android folks out there.

For those who don’t know, Ignite is a series of fast paced talks. Check here to view more details.

Ignite Mobile is a quick way for you to access all the latest and most popular videos from Ignite for various cities.

Clicking the title will simply take you to its related Youtube link.

It’s currently constrained to using the RSS feed from which limits the items to only 10. Oh wells.

Download it now by searching “Ignite Mobile” on the Android market or by scanning this QR code


2011? Massive.


It’s been about a month since I’ve blogged. Life got a little hectic towards the end of the year  and with all the drinking that was happening – I was never in a sober state to write a half decent blog.

But 2011 is going to be a huge year – working through a list of fantastic projects which I cant wait to sink my teeth into. The first of which is a complete revamp of my blog/website.
So in the coming days/weeks I’ll be migrating from to my domain at – don’t freak out when shit hits the fan and everything just dies.

So here is my December life wrap up in the form of 10 random fun facts which happened in December

  1. I bought a spaceship
  2. Released 3 new android apps and updated 1 (here, here, here and here)
  3. I’m addicted to my new PS3 (gt5/fat princess/black ops anyone?)
  4. Got a Telstra T-Touch Tab
  5. Drank an uncountable amount of alcoholic beverages
  6. Realized I may have an addiction with soundboard creation
  7. Gained about 3kgs and a huge beer gut
  8. Realized I definitely have an addiction to black ops.
  9. Attended about 200 end of year xmas events
  10. Girlfriend and co crafted an amazing nerdy birthday cake messagemy birthday cake However… if you look close enough, you’ll realize it’s missing some brackets, those poor cake making folks must’ve been confused. Solid effort though!

Alright crew, that’s a wrap.

Looking forward to an awesome year and wishing everyone a very happy new year!

Minor update for Pingu Soundboard

Got a comment on my app by Tim saying “Doesn’t play any noise, poor” and clearly rated one star (sad face).

So to fix this (supposed) user error – I’ve changed the app slightly so it automatically adjusts the volume on initial load.

I’ve also added in support for Froyo’s app to SD function.

Check Android market for updated Pingu v2.1 :)

Enjoy! NUG NUGGG!!!

Pingu is awesome

Did you like Pingu? You know, Pingu – this awesome penguin.

A few weeks ago  – I created a random soundboard app which emphasizes Pingu’s infamous honking sound.

Today I released the updated version – NUG NUG!!!

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End of Movember

It’s been a fun month rocking a mo. Especially all those people who doubted my asian abilities to grow a mo, and insisted it was fake and then proceeded to stroke it to make sure it was real… pfft.

But I must say – I couldn’t be happier with it gone. haha! No more irritation!

All-in-all, it was for a great cause! Don’t be shy, donate a little! :)



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